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photo above from Malcolm Buckler's personal collection Malcolm Buckler

The Jaguara was a twin supercharged jaguar engine fitted in a specially designed Buckler chassis.


Robert Watkins (John Bolster's God Son !!) owns this famous car.

Robert has the Buckler chassis in his garage and has not had to do any repairs to it because it is as good as the day it was made. Gordon Parker had removed the engine and blowers and the de dion rear suspension to use in the HK Special. Robert has now rebuilt the rear De Dion with ARM links ( similar to a Watts linkage ) He has an engine and a pair of blowers but these are Roots blowers because the original Arnotts were not so reliable The front suspension survives and the chassis is a rolling chassis. He has also rebuilt the body from photos but says the new body is better made than the original.

The reason that Robert purchased both cars was that as a little boy he went to school close to where Gordon Parker lived and used to walk past the place and see the cars and fell in love with them. The reason it has the Reg GDP 1 is that Gordon's full name is Gordon Davenport Parker, this was an early personalised number. He does not have the number but says it is on a Lancia in the London District!

Robert recommends a book written by Paul Skilleter about Jags . Says it has a great write up on the Jaguara.

Article written by John Bolster
Page 2

The rest of these photos are from Peter Silverthorne's collection please see our copyright stuff


Thanks are due to Alistair Barker for some interesting letters, see below.

Extract of a series of interesting letters from Alistair Barker, who's father worked with Mr Parker.

Dear Simon

Gordon Parker was MD at British Uralite at Higham in Kent, Herbert Kingsbury was Technical Director, My father also worked at British Uralite from 1960, but he already knew Gordon Parker and Gordon's wife as they all belonged to the Shorne village amateur dramatic group. Dad worked on all three cars ( he moved to Shorne in 1947) and made the water manifolds for the Jaguara and the HK. GDP1 was Gordon Parkers personal registration number and was on various cars that he owned , including an E type, a Mark 10 Jaguar and even a Ford Capri!

My Dad is fairly certain that a lot of the HK was based on the Jaguara chassis and the work was done at the Uralite works in Higham.

Please find attached pictures of Gordon Parkers HK Jaguar. This was a development of the Jaguara (GDP1).  Engine was basically the same , with a mid mounted pre selector gearbox. Body style changed to single seater.
My Father used to work with Gordon Parker and Herbert Kingsbury and was involved in both the Jaguara and the HK as well as the Jaguette
(the Jaguette was pre Jaguara and is now also owned by Robert Watkins)
Attached more pictures some of car as it is today, some of when it was road registered in the 60's after Gordon Parker sold the HK (he bought a rear engined cooper and supercharged that!).

I understand that The HK was in France for quite a few year owned by the Chairman of the French Jaguars owners club, he converted it back into a racing car, got rid of the cycle wings and raced it at a number of events in France. I remember seeing it for sale in the 80's in one of the classic car mags, but nothing till a year or so ago when searching the internet and found out more about it.

When the car was owned by Gordon Parker it went to Jaguar at Browns Lane and was put on Jaguars dyno, it produced over 400bhp before burning the dyno out!

The HK Special is now owned by Robert Alexander currently in USA

Alistair Barker Nov 2008

For more see http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z13345/HK-Special.aspx

We could still do with seeing the chassis of the HK because Robert says he does not know what form that chassis took or who made it. I guess there is a slim chance that Parker went back to Bucklers. Seems Herbert Kingsbury was not new on the scene but had been involved with Parker all along as his "business partner". There is obviously a lot more to learn.


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