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REF NOTES MODEL Class Variation Year extra info ENGINE FIRST -or early- OWNER LAST known OWNER YEAR STATUS LOC
  The Gold Stars are Class 1 (up to 100cc direct drive).             Class IV karts (100 200 cc with gearboxes)        
SK/01 extra tubes ? Space kart Class IV   1960   Villiers 9E  197cc Brian Malin (UK) 1980. Jan Stroomer 1981 Holland Mr Morgen Holland 2013 Stored NL
SK/02 Blue ebay  Space kart Class IV   c.1960   Villiers 9E Brian Malin, Tony Wilkins , John Ostins ,   Glyn Powell.   2013 restored UK
SK/03 Hilton Space kart Class IV   c.1960   Villiers 9E Robert Beale, Peter Hilton David Hilton  2013 restored UK
SK/04 Red Maroon Ultralite Mk2A Class IV   1964   Villiers 9E Mike Furse P. Silverthorne 2013 Restored UK
SK/05 Blue Ultralite Mk2A Class IV   1964   Villiers 9E M.Buckler S. Ambrose 2013 Restored UK
SK/06 Chassis only.   Ultralite Mk2A Class IV   1964   ?   Mr Dix  Channel Islands 2013 Stored CI
SK/07 Found in 2005. Never assembled by original owner. Gold, arrived in scotland by train Gold Star Class 1   1963   Saetta  100cc Charles Laurent , Andrew Lamb  ? Ref 308/o 2013 Being assembled UK
SK/08 Thought to be 1963/64 Gold Star Class 1   1963   Parilla T13 100cc Roger Norman Channel Islands Alan Button.restored,  Kart stolen may 2nd 2008  2008 restored missing  
SK/09 Pete Huggins Drag Kart Ultralite Mk2 Class IV   1964   Orig Vill 8e then JAP, thenTriumph converted to Vill 9e 1967 P J Huggins PJ Huggins and Dave Freeborne 1967 missing  
SK/10 same family raced SK12 Space kart Class IV   1960   Villiers 9E Igor Ashwell Brian Malin 2013 restoring UK
SK/11 1962/3 Ultralite Mk2 Class IV   1962/3   ? Ken Green tony wilkins. 2013 Stored UK
SK/12 Won best 200cc kart at Shenington historic Kart meet 2009. Green, race no 76 negative camber axle. Raced in the same family team as SK10 Ultralite Mk2 Class IV long range tank 1962/3   Orig.Bultaco?         Villiers 210             found by Igor Ashwell in Cumbria, John and Mark Loxley Brian Malin 2013 Restored UK
Photo suggests major restoration required Ultralite Mk2A Class IV   1964   ? Found by  Stuart Richards in Cornwall in 2004, Richard Higgs, Bob Parkinson 2013 restoring UK
hand operated front brake Space kart class IV   1961   Villiers 9e Bob Parkinson first owner Bob Parkinson since new 2013 restored UK
SK/15 red Ultralite MK2 class IV   1962   ? Keith Vince owned 1965/66 ?new owner 2008 2008 missing  
SK/16   G- MK3 Class IV   1965   ? Found in Portsmouth 2007 ? Ref 317/o 2013 stored UK
SK/17 Owned by Nottage 20 years Ultralite Mk2 Class IV   1961 red Villiers 9e bought by Richard's father c1979 Richard Nottage 2013 Restored UK
SK/18  engine moved sideways from original centre mount position. Space kart     1960     Current owner imported kart into Jersey some 40 years ago. Has never used the kart. ? 2013 stored CI
SK/19 Race number 111 (but not Jack Barlows kart) Ultralite MK2 Class IV   1962   Bultaco K200 Leslie Parsons of Bury Port, South Wales. Darryl Mander ? Ref 320/o 2013 Stored UK
SK/20   Ultralite MK1 class IV   1962   Villiers 9e Leslie Parsons of Bury Port, South Wales Brian Malin 2013 Stored UK
SK/21 Full restored by Garth during 2010. Used once at Llandow in 2011. Ultralite MK2A Class IV   1964   Bultaco K200 Leslie Parsons of Bury Port, South Wales, Garth James Ian Pittaway  2013 Restored UK
SK/22 Full restored by Roy during 2010. Space kart Class IV   1960   Villiers 197cc Leslie Parsons of Bury Port, South Wales,  Roy Johns 2013 restored Wales
SK/23 Found in June 2012. Needs restoration. Gold Star Class 1   63/64   ? Steve Newman ? Ref 324/o 2013 stored UK
SK/24 Drag Raced at Blackbushe 1964 UK versus US! etc also raced at kart meets           Greaves 250 KRE Prince KRE Prince 1964/5 Missing  
SK/25 Blue twin wheeled H/D 4     Dragster     S/C Triumph twin       missing  
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