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Buckler Sports Racing Cars and the odd 4 seater!

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Buckler DD2 Mistral /MG

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Just had your website brought to my attention, and can give you some information about a Buckler DD2 I briefly owned in about 1967/68 while at university in Bristol.

My recollection of the exact specification is a bit foggy, but registration was 568THW as on your register, see photo.

1250 MG engine, probably a TF
Massive twin SUs, from a Jag (?), that gave terrible consumption on short runs and around town, but not too bad on long runs Split front axle (Ford?) pivoted at centre.
Complete bodge of a hardtop, cut from a Jowet Javelin, that did little for keeping out the rain Simple perspex front screen, might even have added it myself.
Relatively large finned brake drums that almost filled the wire wheels

I owned it for less than a year, the girl in the photo gave me an ultimatum and as we have now been married for 40 years I probably made the right decision. I sold it to a garage in Bristol, or maybe they just exhibited it on their forecourt. A few months later came across it parked on a road alongside the downs in Bristol. Was having a look at it, the rear had been modified with a sort of camm tail, when someone in a flat shouted at me to ".... off". Told him I had recently owned the car, at which he said "no you .... didn't", so went on my way.

It was great fun to drive, but useless as a car. I remember how I discovered it went round corners. Driving cross country at night I dozed off and woke with a start to see a right angle bend looming at a speed I would not have knowingly have contemplated. Turned the steering wheel and round it went - magic. Enjoyed going down hill at night and amusing cars coming the other way by dabbing the accelerator and shooting flames out of the exhaust that came out just in front of the offside rear wheel.

best regards
Donald  McKenzie


also a very interesting letter from Helge Brock.. ....Buckler DD2 Mistral Fibreglass
"That is me in the car (beard and glasses!) at Mallory Park in '64."

Hi Simon

Just spotted your website.  My name is Helge Brock and I owned the car early 60s.  I bought it off the bloke that built it, can't remember his name. 

That is me in the car (beard and glasses!) at Mallory Park in '64.

What prompted me to look up Buckler on the web is that the "Bay-to-Birdwood" Run (an annual historic car rally) is on in Adelaide, and I spotted what looked like a Buckler on the website.

Helge Brock



Some recent emails!

A new find! well almost... just in from Donald McKenzie click here for more
Thanks Don... where did this car get to?

and MORE from Bristol.... who remembers this car....a DD2 built in a sitting room in Hampton Park, Redland. Just off Whiteladies Road.  He was co-founder of the Bristol Special Builders Club (or some such title) he was hoping that minus it's body it would fit through the bay window!
A younger chap sharing the same flat owned a very rare Lester MG triple M special. anyone out there in Bristol during 59-62 who remembers this?

(many thanks to the fantastic memory banks of John Cobett Maddy )
there will be more later!!

More on this inc the colour engine etc
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568 THW
once Ted Williams. Donald McKenzie Bristol 1967/68



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