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Much of the information found on this site is under copyright please click here for more info.

"The Sports Car Pocketbook" By William Boddy (Batsford 1st published 1961)
It has a small picture of DD2/climax-mistral registration number GHT 866
Recommended by Steve www.imcdb.org/vehicles.php?unknown

Buckler The Kiwi Connection by Kelvin Brown.

Buckler's Sports Cars Specials And Karts By Brian Malin

Ford Special Builders Manual

Ford Specials

Supertune Your Ford 100E

Tuning Side-Valve Fords

The Ford Ten Tuning Manual



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Books with references to Buckler Cars


Hants & Berks. The First 60 Years,1946-2006

A history of the Motor Club of Derek Buckler

He attended the first AGM and was on the committee for most of his life . Other well known Buckler owners were/still are members:
With a forward by Bill Boddy ( Motor Sport Editor ) and contributors well known in motoring journalism, there are 114 pages of very amusing stories, anecdotes and little known facts. These are decorated with over 100 illustrations including a very rare shot of the first Buckler car, one of Derek Buckler and two other Buckler cars not listed as such. The book is very well indexed and is A4 in size with a spill proof soft cover.

Club price of 10 is very reasonable and post and packing to the UK is 1.50. They will also post abroad for example airmail to Australia is 4.50.

Cheques to The Hants and Berks Motor Club Ltd.

Order from Robin Birchall, Hants & Berks Motor Club Ltd., 2 Alton Road, Fleet, Hants. GU51 3HL

The 500cc Racing Car
by Colin Rawlinson. The 500cc Racing Car charts the movement from its beginnings, in Bristol, as a cheap way for enthusiasts to enter competitive motor sport in the aftermath of World War II, through international status, as the first Formula 3. It also includes a review of modern 500cc racing and the revival of historic competition. Includes a section on the successful Smith-Buckler which won at Silverstone in 1951
The 500cc Racing Car, priced 3.50 is available from all good specialist bookshops. Published by Shire Publications, Email: shire@shirebooks.co.uk Copyright C.Rawlinson 2003

A-Z of Sports Cars, 1945-90. By Mike Lawrence
In this book the cars of great marques like Ferrari, MG and Jaguar are described and assessed alongside the creations of one-man bands and kit-car makers, landmark designs alongside the projects which limped from crisis to oblivion. More than 1000 photographs in black-and-white and colour illustrate the extraordinary variety of sports cars that have been offered to the public. Enthusiasts will recognize many, but some they will be seeing for the first time from the more unlikely places including Brazil, Uruguay, Egypt the Philippines and Israel.

This book has a large piece on Bucklers. It's actually 462 words long, which must make it among the longest pieces on the marque between hard covers. Mike has covered nearly 900 marques in the book - He's never tried to count the models.
Mike did an overall view of Buckler, including the karts, and then more detailed descriptions of the Mk V and the Ninety as representatives of the marque on the grounds that both were sold abroad as complete cars.
Mike also wrote a fantastic 4 page article on Derek Buckler for Motor Sport 20 years ago,
Sadly this book is now out of print and Mike informs me that all the copies have been sold. Lets hope he will reprint it one day

I have just discovered some copies may still be available on Ebay

Many thanks to Mike Lawrence

British Sports Cars
by Gregor Grant. Published Foulis June 1952 revised 4th edition. first published August1947 second Dec 1947 third June 50
In the Specials Section....
"A useful Trials car; Buckler's Ford powered Buckler - A true all purpose car;"
Recommended by Simon 16/11/03


The Complete Catalogue of British Cars
by David Culshaw And Peter Horrobin Pub. Macmillan 1974 Buckler page 96+97
Recommended by Simon.



More Wheelspin
by C.A.N. May. Published by Foulis in 1948. Post war motoring revival with a strong trials flavour and what must be the first book reference to a Buckler. Something about Derek Buckler's very lightweight car. I have not read this myself but a friend rang today to tell me about it. Secondhand copies are available via bookfinder.com .
Recommended by Malcolm Buckler 11/10/03

Historic Racing Cars Of New Zealand
By Graham Vercoe Pub. Reed 1991 page 55+56+57 + Photo inside cover


A History of Sports Cars
By G.N.Georgano. Pub. Spring Books 1970. Bucklers Page 237. Great picture of DD1 racing a Healey at Silverstone in 1955 on page 222



Motor Racing at Goodwood
by Robert Barker, this has several Buckler cars in the illustrations, The DD1, the Halton 90,
and a Mark V GTP 366, this is a brand new book published in 2002.
Recommended by Stan Hibberd 20/01/2003


The Glory of Goodwood
by Mike Lawrence, Doug Nye and Simon Taylor has a picture of DDP201 lined up in the Paddock in the first ever Goodwood race meeting ! Recommended by Stan Hibberd 20/01/2003



Ford Popular and the small sidevalves
by Dave Turner, a hard back book published in 1984. Has a section on Buckler cars p.168/9 with Trials pictures of BLY 618 on p.164 a bare frame on p.165 (PTJ 98 I think ) and a trials picture of NAC 344 on p.166 Recommended by Stan Hibberd 27/01/2003


The Kiwi Connection.

By Kelvin D.Brown.

Another well written and carefully researched book that the Buckler historian cannot do without. Over 300 pages of comprehensive Buckler car history from a New Zealand standpoint but also covering British history and with a section on the cars that competed against Buckler. Lots of motor sport results for each car too.

This book is very well served with good quality photos, drawings, reproduced adverts. and charts. of high quality. This book in no way copies Brian Malin's work and I could not do without both for reference.

Kelvin Brown is a Buckler owner and a member of the Buckler Register. Copies are available direct from New Zealand. Please contact Simon for details.
Recommended by Malcolm, 23/03/2002.

Bucklers, sports cars specials & karts
By Brian Malin.

A very comprehensive and updateable book of over 300 pages, written by Buckler Register member, Brian Malin, who has been involved with Buckler cars since knee high and still runs the first Mark 5 that he learned to drive in.

Heavily illustrated with photos and drawings covering all models and a number of special designs and also including company history, advertisements and technical information.

At present this book is presented in an attractive loose leaf binder and updates and additions are available from time to time.

Only available direct from Brian Malin.
please Email Simon for details.
Recommended by Malcolm, 23/03/2002.

Supertune Your Ford 100E
By R.M.Clarke.

This is now available from Small Ford Spares as a reprint. Soft cover with a spiral spine.

I really liked this book. It is full of common sense and I would recommend it to anyone using the 100E engine. Only 74 pages but packed with most useful information and advice from a fellow enthusiast.
Recommended by Malcolm, 23/03/2002.

Ford Special Builders Manual
By G.B.Wake. Obsolete book from the late 1950's. A hardbound simple book of 112 pages but with some good photos including photos of 9 different GRP bodies available at that time. Recommended by Malcolm, 23/03/2002.


Ford Specials
By P.J.Stephens.

Obsolete and first published in 1960 by G.T. Foulis. A very good and detailed book for the Ford Special owner/builder. 198 pages with an index. Normally in hard cover. A batch of new ones were discovered a few years back in Australia, which is how I got my copy.

Worth searching for.
Recommended by Malcolm, 23/03/2002.

Tuning Side-Valve Fords
By Bill Cooper.

Obsolete ( maybe a reprint around at the moment?). Published in paperback in 1969 by Speed & Sports Publications. Written by the M.D. of Cooper Prentice Racing, who raced sidevalves up to the time that the 105E was allowed to join the Formula. This is about advanced as it gets. Very detailed tuning manual right through to the ultimate tune.

I have heard that some mis-prints could run you into trouble so do not follow instructions verbatim, without double checking. Binding is of poor quality and pages are starting to fall out by now.
Recommended by Malcolm, 23/03/2002.

The Ford Ten Tuning Manual
by D.H.Harris
it is much the same as Super tune the 100E ( which is by the way now out of print fron SVOC - I know I tried to get a copy !! ) but is for the E93A engine
Recommended by Ken Green 2002.

The Ford 10 competition engine by Philip H Smith

Not yet reviewed.


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