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Historic Buckler Results 1946 -1955 H&BMC
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10 January 1946 – 31 December 1955
 Bucklers mentioned in Hants & Berks Motor Club Bulletins etc.

Acknowledgements please to Sheila Higginson of the Hants & Berks Motor Club

Adamson    8.8.1953  Gt Auclum competitor Class 1   (Buckler)
Appleton PM   25.4.1953 Castle Combe Circuit Race Meeting Race 5 and 7 (Buckler)

Arklay WH   September 1949 VSCC meeting Prescott 1st   (AC engine Frazer Nash)  beat Julian Jane by 6 secs Wrotham Cup Trial 1st= opposite class (Frazer Nash) in H&B team with Buckler and Willis
   December 1949 wrote report of Technical discussion with Derek Buckler
Barlow WJ   12.10.1952 Driving tests best performance  (Buckler)
   17.5.1953 Driving tests open cars 7th  (Buckler)
   16.5.1954 Farley Hill Autocross 3rd overall and  2nd Class 3 Open 1m12s (Buckler)
   6.8.1955 Gt Auclum Class 1 7th (Buckler 90) 25.07 secs

Buckler  CDF   Derek  (H&B) 15.9.1946 West Court both worked hard & supplied equipment
   April 1947 Club Committee member 1948 to 1955
   Awards secretary 1949 to 1955
   22.3.1947 Bicycle Trial substitute for Blackwater Trial (no petrol) 
   23.11.1947 Point to point   6th   (Ford)
   May 1948 bulletin article ‘Some Impressions of the Manx Cup Race Isle of Man’
   May 1948 competed in Chiltern Hills Trophy Trial    (Ford 10 Buckler spl)
   25.7.1948 Gt Auclum Class 2 3rd (Buckler) 26.22secs
   16-17.10.1948 Night Navigation Trial 13th    (Buckler spl)
   12.12.1948 3rd Point to point  1st
   reported March 1949 best H&B result in Southsea MC President’s Trophy
   1.5.1949 16th Aldershot Trial (run by H&B)    (Buckler)
   26.6.1949 Chilterns Point to Point
   August 1949 BARC Goodwood meeting scored a 2nd and 3rd
   reported September 1949 competed in SUNBAC meeting at Silverstone
   Oct 1949 monthly meeting films including Isle of Man, Aldershot trial
   December 1949 Report on Technical discussion with Harry Arklay
   Jan 1950 monthly meeting - member of panel to answer questions on carburation
   1950 8-Clubs race meeting, Silverstone, qualifier for 1hr High Speed Trials
   August 1950 Gt Auclum 3rd in Class 2 Wrotham Cup Trial H&B team with WH Arklay and Willis Ballamy Trophy Buckler in H&B team which was 3rd
   21-22.10.1950 Night Navigation Rally   marshal for Special Test
   4.3.1951 Blackwater Trial  2nd class award driving    (Ford 10 spl)
   21.4.1951 Versatility Trial  Premier award Class 3    (Buckler)
   28.7.1951 Gt Auclum  competed in Class 1
   25.8.1951 entered Buckler Team in 6 hr Handicap Relay Race Silverstone(members G. Tapp, MC Parrott, D Lovejoy, Lt/Codr DC GodfreyLJ Drew and CDF Buckler)
   7.10.1951 H&B Driving tests 3rd BTD (busy day - works Buckler had 3 drivers)
   Dec 1951 organiser Annual Prize Giving at Twyford with Bert Fountain
   13.1.1952 organiser of Point to point with Bert Fountain and Miss Joan Cooperdealt with entries for the Point to point with his son
   26.4.1952 Versatility Trial   4th best in class    (Buckler spl)
   3.5.1952 Castle Combe Circuit Race 6 1500-2000cc sports cars 3 laps
   7.6.1952 8-Clubs Silverstone qualified Event 1 Class B 1 hr speed trial, Event 65 lap handicap race, Event 12 (incl 1172 formula) (Buckler)
   4.8.1952 Thruxton Aerodrome Motor Races Race 3 6 lap sports cars up to 1500cc US/sports cars up to 1200cc S
   30.8.1952 750MC 6hr relay race team Worsley/Porteous/Godfrey    14th 
   1953 (Reading) builds Bucklers and runs them in all kinds of events, applies his experience to a full share of event-organising work,  each winter tackles the task of acquiring and distributing the year’s trophies
   17.5.1953 Driving tests   Open cars   4th 2nd class award  (Buckler)
   6.6.1953 8-Clubs Silverstone 1 Hr Trial Team Contest 3rd with Porteous/Rayner
   Summer 1953 Cheltenham MC ‘Ecomony Test’ won Class 2 with Geoff Tapp (Buckler)
   8.8.1953 Gt Auclum competitor 3rd in Class 2   (Buckler)   Class 8  (Buckler)
   29.8.1953 6 Hr Handicap Relay Race Silverstone Buckler Team – G Carill-Worsley, JF Cookson, WD Binns, D Whitren, RR Rayner and CDFB
   22.11.1953 Chiltern Half-Hundred   21st
   8.1.1954 meeting with C Bulmer and others for a discussion on technicalities of chassis-frame design for specials
   29.5.1954 8-Clubs Silverstone    (Buckler)
   8.8.1954 6 Hr Handicap Relay Race, Silverstone, (750MC) Buckler team entry
   reported Feb 1955 entered Cheltenham MC Road Fuel Economy Contest
   20.3.1955 Blackwater Trial  marshal
   9.7.1955 6 Hr Handicap Relay Race, Silverstone (750 MC) Buckler team entry
   25.9.1955 co-pro H&B/750/UHU Rushmoor Sprint 2nd 1172 Formula Class (Buckler)  19.45 secs
   30.10.1955 750MC Tarrant Rushton Speed Trials class win in 1172 Formula category 22.70 secs/1500cc Class 22.60 secs
Buckler MH   1950 8-Clubs race meeting, Silverstone, qualified for 1hr High Speed Trials

Bulmer  CH (Charles)    8.1.1954 meeting with D Buckler and others for discussion on technicalities of chassis-frame design for specials
   21.3.1954 MGCC Autocross  2nd ftd    (Buckler)
   16.5.1954 Autocross Farley Hill 5th overall and 4th in Class 3 Open 1m12.5s (Buckler)

Carill-Wolsley    29.5.1954 8-Clubs Silverstone High Speed Trials   qualifier   (Buckler)

Carnegie R   10.8.1952 Gosport Automobile Club’s Annual Summer Rally competitor  3rd (4¼ litre Bentley Saloon) Later to build a Buckler Mk5 NPO.

Chandler NA   Alan  - ran Jowett Javelin, involved in engineering firm, Farnham

Churchley AJ   6.8.1955 Gt Auclum Class 1 15th (Buckler) 26.29 secs

Cornish JA   8.10.1955 Silverstone 10rh 1172 Formula race  10th  (Buckler)

Drew FJ   25.8.1951 6 Hr Handicap Relay Race Silverstone (750 MC) Buckler Team

Fountain AHS    13.1.1952 Point to point organiser with Derek Buckler/Miss Joan Cooper
Godfrey DC Lt/Cdr   25.8.1951 6 Hr Handicap Relay Race Silverstone (750 MC) member Buckler team
   30.8.1952 (750MC) 6hr Relay Race Silverstone, team - Buckler/Worsley/ Porteous  14th

Johns J (Joan )                    8.3.1953 Blackwater Trial  8th Open class  (Buckler) 
                                     18&19.6.1955 Mobil Economy Run. Ladies Prize 40.61 mpg (1947 Buckler Mk 5 )
Knight GWS   13.1.1952 Point to point competitor  retired
   26.1.1952 UHU/H&BMC Night Trial 32nd = 
   9.3.1952 Blackwater Trial  competitor  (Buckler-Knight)
   18.5.1952 Driving tests competitor (Buckler-Knight)
   8.3.1953 Blackwater Trial  7th Open class   (Buckler) 
   17.5.1953 Driving tests Open cars 14th   (Buckler)
Knight   10.5.1953 UHU Rally and Driving tests   (Buckler)

Last WJ   7.6.1952 8-Clubs Silverstone Event 12 5 lap scratch race (Buckler spl)

Liddell WA   25.4.1953 Castle Combe Circuit Race Meeting Races 5/7 (Buckler)
   7.8.1954 Gt Auclum Class 2 2nd 26.78secs (1172cc Buckler S), Class 8 3rd 27.68secs (1172cc Buckler S)
   6.8.1955 Gt Auclum Class 1 Sports cars up to 1300cc u/s  1st  (1097 Buckler DDI) 23.40 secs, Class 7 Racing cars up to 1100cc  3rd  (1097 Buckler DDI) 23.80 secs

Lovejoy D   25.8.1951 6Hr Handicap Relay Race Silverstone (750 MC) (Buckler team)

Needham LN (Les )           21-22.10.1950 Night Navigation Rally   marshal special test with D Buckler
Nobbs J   John – 8.8.1953 Gt.Auclum competitor Class 1   (Buckler)

Parrot MC   1950 8-Clubs race meeting, Silverstone qualifier in 1hr High Speed Trials
   21.4.1951 Versatility Trial
   1951 Great Auclum  Entrant Class 1
   25.8.1951 6 Hr Handicap Relay Race Silverstone (750 MC) (Buckler team)

Porteous H   7.6.1952 8-Clubs Silverstone Event 1 Class B 11-1-3000cc High Speed trial  Qualified (Porteous spl), Event 10 5 lap Handicap Race (Ford-Buckler), Event 12 5 lap scratch race (includes 1172 formula) (Porteous spl)
   30.8.1952 750MC 6hr Relay Race team 14th Worsley/Godfrey  (Buckler)
   6.6.1953 8-Clubs Silverstone 3rd Event 7, 2nd Event 10, 1 Hr Trial Team
   Contest 3rd with RR Rayner/CDF Buckler 
Pritchard J   6.8.1955 Gt Auclum Class 1 (Buckler) 26.96 secs

Rayner RR   7.6.1952 8-Clubs Silverstone Event 1 Class B 1101-1500cc High speed trial, 3rd
Event 10 5-lap handicap race 9m 41.8 secs (Buckler spl), 3rd  Event 12 and '1172' award 7m 59.8 secs, Event 13 5-lap Motor Sport Trophy handicap 2nd  (Buckler spl)
   30.8.1952 750MC 6hr Relay race with Tapp  18th    (Buckler)
   6.6.1953 8-Clubs Silverstone qualified in 1 hour Speed Trial (Rayner-Buckler)
   1 Hr Trial Team Contest 3rd with H Porteous/DCF Buckler

Scarf PH   7.6.1952 8-Clubs Silverstone Event 1 Class B qualified for High Speed Trial (Buckler), Event 12 5 lap scratch race (incl Formula Race)    
Tapp DRF   8.3.1953 Blackwater Trial 12th Open class   (Buckler)
Tapp  GEE   Geoff -Joined Club when he had a motorbike, followed by a 3 wheeler Morgan, then a Buckler Mk 5.  Went to Prescott but could not get into the Paddock, found you could get in by climbing through the toilet window which he and a friend did they were caught and immediately offered the job of Paddock marshal.  Geoff accepted with alacrity and did this job on a number of other occasions.  He marshalled Raymond Mays, Bira (Prince Birabongse) who was a charming man Opposed Holland Birkett when Holly wanted to change the name of UHULMC By lobbying before the meeting. Geoff won the day
   4-5.2.1950 BOC 11th Annual Night Trial 36th with RW Pankhurst nav. (Morgan 10)
   21-22.10.1950 Night Navigation Rally   marshal
   25.8.1951 6Hr Handicap Relay Race Silverstone (750 MC) Buckler team
   9.9.1951 750 Driving tests  7th  (Buckler)
   13.1.1952 Point to point  competed 16th 
   26.1.1952 UHULMC/H&BMC night trial - organiser and marshal organiser
   9.3.1952 Blackwater Trial 9th and 2nd class award  (Ford 10 saloon)
   3.5.1952 Castle Combe Circuit Race 5 G Tapp (Buckler)
   18.5.1952 Driving tests 1st class award  (Buckler)
   7.6.1952 8-Clubs Silverstone Event 1 Class B 1101-1500cc High speed trial qualified (Buckler), Event 6 5 lap Handicap race, 4th in Event 12 and 2nd in ‘1172’ class 8m 0.4 secs 
   4.8.1952 Thruxton competed in Race 1 (Buckler)
   30.8.1952 750MC 6hr relay race competitor  18th with Rayner  (Buckler)
   4-5.10.1952 Experts Night Navigation Rally 27th
   6-7.12.1952 UHU/H&BMC Night Trial organiser with G Madgwick and DCE Johns
   8.3.1953 Blackwater Trial 12th  Closed cars  (Ford 10)
   4.4.1953 Castle Combe Circuit Race meeting  Race 2 (Buckler)
   25.4.1953 Castle Combe Circuit Race Meeting
   31.5.1953 750 Driving tests = with P Pulver, running as UHU member
   Summer 1953 Cheltenham MC ‘Ecomony Test’ won Class 2 with Derek Buckler (Buckler)
   12.7.1953 Inter-Club Prescott  (Buckler)   28 teams H&B 2nd   Ambrose/Arkley/Lester/Tapp   manager Birkett
   8.8.1953 Gt. Auclum competitor 3rd in Class 1 /1st in Class 2 23.98 secs  (Buuckler)  Class 8  (1172cc Buckler) 24.94 secs winning 1172 Formula Award   Buckler Trophy + replica old record - RC Willis (1480cc FN/BMW) 25.10 secs
   27.9.1953 H&B organiser on co-promotion with 750 for informal Speed Trial on WD land near Rushmoor
   5.12.1953 UHU/H&B Night Trial dulpicating and sending our results
   13.3.1954 OUMDC Targa Rusticana 10th (Javelin)
   March 1954 - AGM any other business - cost of events (meals-Riverside)
   March 1954  Letter to editor 'Fair for All'
   17.4.1954 Lydstep Speed Hill Climb (Pembrokeshire MC) Races 5/6  (Buckler)
   7.6.1954 Davidstow Circuit, Cornwall Class V
   7.8.1954 Gt Auclum Class 2 1st Order of Merit 25.76secs  (1172 Buckler) Class 8 1st  26.05secs  (Buckler spl 1172cc)
   28.8.1954 750 MC 6 Hr Handicap Relay Race Silverstone (Buckler team)
   12.9.1954 Farley Hill Autocross 2nd in Class 5
   26-7.2.1955 OUMDC Targa Rusticana 10th (Ford Anglia)
   1.4.1955 AGM raised question of reducing costs and frequency of Bulletins. Stood for Club Committee not enough votes
   9.4.1955 Lydstep Speed Hill Climb (Pembrokeshire MC)
   30.4.1955 Ibsley National Motor Race Meeting (West Hants & Dorset CC)
   15.5.1955 Driving Tests at California - details available
   9.7.1955 750MC 6 Hr Handicap Relay Race, Silverstone (Buckler Team?)
   6.8.1955 Gt Auclum Sports cars up to 1300cc u/s  2nd  (1172 Buckler 90) 25.06 secs, Class 8  Racing cars up to 2000cc  3rd  (Buckler 90) 24.53 secs
   3.12.1955 H&B/UHULMC Night Trial steward

Totman MA   30.10.1955 750MC Tarrant Rushton Speed Trials 1500cc class (Buckler) 24.30 secs

Whitren D   8.8.1953 Class 1 competitor (Buckler) 

Worsley Air Cdre   30.8.1952 750MC 6hr Relay race, 14th team of Porteous/Godfrey/Buckler

Years covered 1946 to 1955   

Last data inserted on 7.2..2005   Printed 6th August 2004   SCH      

Finished complete as at 25 August 2006  ( Buckler items extracted by Malcolm Buckler 2008 )