Author Topic: My Bucklers. End to end FUN.  (Read 3276 times)

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My Bucklers. End to end FUN.
« on: October 15, 2018, 01:00:23 PM »
Thanks very much for re-joining me to this forum. I previously posted as Sir Clip and Embuc.

I have owned Buckler cars and a kart, starting from 1972. The attached photo tells my story very briefly.

All the Bucklers I have owned have, to my joy, since been improved or fully restored by subsequent owners apart from the Backbone Prototype, which was in excellent condition but now sadly missing, last seen in Sienna Italy.

I now only have my Mk 5 known as "Amy" after her original registration. She is a suitable car for my advancing years and my wife and I have enjoyed/endured many touring adventures in her.
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