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Buckler 90 I Spy
I-Spy for 25 points ! You too can earn points if you spy a Buckler in a shed near you, more here

buckler dd2 800kbh
800KBH taken in 1960
Where is Derek Smith??

buckler dd2 ujb393 Creighton Brown
UJB393 Silverstone 1961 with the late Creighton Brown.

Ron Flockart driving a
Buckler Class IV 1961

99NKN Buckler Mistral Norman Norrington
99 NKN an exciting
find previously unknown to the register, see more like this here and now more about the

For more see Ken Green's update in 'Bucklering'

Reinhard Gnann is now the owner of the MKVI rolling chassis 94 GVX. This is the "Beacon Special" once owned by Tony Byford.
Restoration will start soon.

Mistral Drag Racer. Is this a Buckler? what engine? anyone know? please contact us here

Who knows anything about a Buckler /Greeves drag racer?

We have had a letter from Kel Prince!

Someone out there must know something about this Supercharged Triumph, twin wheeled monster Buckler kart! more

Smith Buckler500. Ken seems very interested in Bill Whitehouse's antics. Silverstone 10th May 1952

Yet another Buckler surfaces. This time in Canada! More soon
See the latest in What and Where

The Canadaire Buckler MKXV

Wiscombe meet May 09 more here

Can anyone help with this identification...please
Which 90 is this? Bought at Dunkerswell some years ago.
Thought someone might remember the dash  (or remains of )

I know she looks a bit rough but someone attached orange Dymo labels which indicate that she was on the road in the 70's at least...and someone made this steering wheel!!  Thanks

Buckler DD2 Mistral Fibreglass
A new find! well almost... just in from Donald McKenzie click here for more
Thanks Don... where did this car get to?


Buckler Sports Racing Cars and the odd 4 seater!

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Much of the information found on this site is under copyright please click here for more info

This is the 70th anniversary of Buckler Cars...THIS year..

PMO at Prescott Aug 17, photo ©Marco Addison

And what a year so far...it's not over yet.

Chris Jaques will have the DD1 at Goodwood Revival
8th-10th Sept 17


11 am Friday practice...!

Also coming up the Prescott Autumn Classic...

Burford...David won the trophy!

Gaydon was great! with loads of cars and karts. with Claudio bringing FGV150 all the way from Venice...that's right..in Italy

 Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia WOW what a brilliant weekend.
Many thanks to Keith Thomas and Robin Webb

Keith, Richard and Simon, at the Shelsley Classic Nostalgia

Isle of Man trip was fantastic, first, second and third in class!
good work all!!


The Prescott event was  great as usual.. photos and videos available all over the 'net'


PMO at Prescott 16 with brave passenger Phil ..Copyright magiccarpics.com

99 NKN
99NKN buckler 90 Ron Ratcliffe Coggleshall c1960s
Many thanks To his brother Charles for the info.
More news to follow soon

with many thanks to Geoff Kimber at the Cheltenham Cleeve Vale Rotary Club.

What a great day! we had a brilliant turnout with so many cars!!
what a fantastic effort .we had cars from far and wide, some travelled huge distances. Many thanks to everyone from the Buckler Massive! look out for the full report in the Bulletin! and photos to follow

Buckler Backbone 1961 racing car show earls court
The Buckler stand at the 1961 Racing car show at Earls Court  Featuring the NEW Buckler Backbone


New photo has emerged of GHT with Mike Smith pedalling at Oulton Park ...late sixties....Thanks to Dave Evans for the email. Russ Filby tells me this is HIS very special Turner behind...more to follow.....

Many thanks to David, Chris, Brian  et al for producing the fantastic Buckler Bulletin. please remember to renew your subs or Join up right now here

Fantastic photo of Keith and BEC542 Ullister Hill Whinlatter forest
What an incredible climb...I couldn't walk up there!!

David Bouncing at  a dry,grassy Burton Dassett  29.9.13

Shelsley Walsh July 2014
Off to a wet start but the Buckler team had a great time

Dermot Johnson Snr with 90

He bought it from Malcolm Templeton January 23rd 1960
Where is this works built, Elva engine'd car now?


also a very interesting letter from Helge Brock...who stars on this front page!!. ....Buckler DD2 Mistral Fibreglass"That is me in the car (beard and glasses!) at Mallory Park in '64." click here for more


Peter Hilton in Jon Leighton's Coventry Climax
The photo shows the car on trade plates in BRG gel coat unfinished shell with square tube!
just before being shipped to Australia. Ii is known to have done 115 down the Amersham bypass with a child passenger!!

1961 Buckler DD2 at Silverstone M.Fielden at the wheel.
Photo:Michael Ware

OUD 487. Once owned by Nick Totman. not much is known about the car's mid life.It was owned by George Luck and M. Fielden (Possibly Fielden was killed driving another car?) eventually Mike's son Nick found her. She has now changed hands again...
If anyone knows any more please get in touch


Anyone remember seeing a Buckler car being assembled by a Mr Dale,
of Pyrland Road, Highbury, London circa 1952 ?

Bucklers on youtube!

Buckler DD2 PMO220 and mystery car
What's This above...it's not a Petty!
DD2 PMO220 in the background!

and MORE from Bristol.... who remembers this car....a DD2 built in a sitting room in Hampton Park, Redland. Just off Whiteladies Road.  He was co-founder of the Bristol Special Builders Club (or some such title) he was hoping that minus it's body it would fit through the bay window!
A younger chap sharing the same flat owned a very rare Lester MG triple M special. anyone out there in Bristol during 59-62 who remembers this?

(many thanks to the fantastic memory banks of John Cobett Maddy )
there will be more later!!
More on this inc the colour engine etc
Join the Forum for more info

Buckler DD1 NZ
DD1 in action at Wigram October 2010 with Bruce Ellwood....

Buckler 90 MOR prototype at Silverstone
Mike Totman seen driving MOR with Keith Ambrose as passenger at Silverstone.


See the new events calendar plenty to do this year!
Kart owners. V important date
Recent emails...

Another mystery car....It was last advertised for sale in Glasgow in 1977
a Mistral fitted to an AC chassis...or is it a Tojero? any ideas....please

Peel cars in the IOM made fibreglass bodies some were fitted to Buckler chassis, how many? See this new peel cars site for more info

Jim Walker used to own PJT98 and has some great pix posted here (just scroll down to find the Buckler). Jim bought it from Curwen in c56/57, the car is now back with the Curwen family! more to follow... thanks Jim.

Pete Cresswell has written a very interesting letter re H M Barron's Buckler MKV HBC508 more here

Alastair Barker has written in about GDP1, The famous Buckler Jaguara and the HK Special. more here


More exciting Kart stuff as well!! click here

Peter Ramella has written about his friend Malcolm Best and his Buckler...read more here

 A brief history...

buckler colonial ddp201

In 1947 Derek Buckler designed his own chassis to take the engine and running gear from his Ford 1172cc sidevalve E93a.
He won over 200 awards in this car, competing in trials, hillclimbs, circuit racing, sprints and even won an economy rally achieving just under 100mpg.

buckler mk5 erd96 The success of this car naturally demanded a replica. This was the first true spaceframe car to be offered for sale anywhere in the world. Buckler pioneered the 'kit car' to avoid the crippling purchase tax. More cars soon followed. ERD96 appeared left hand drive in photographs, using reversed negatives, to fool the tax man into believing the car was destined for export! odd that this car now lives in France. ed.

Many chassis were tailored to suit customers requests. Engines
Buckler 90 MOR456 fitted came from Coventry Climax, Ford, MG, Triumph, BMC, Daimler, Jaguar and many more, even a Lincoln V12 was built.
Early bodies were of aluminium, a Buckler Special was one of the first cars in Europe to be fitted with a fibreglass body. Buckler's also designed very successful Karts and were famous for their tuning accessories from 1172 to full formula Junior screamers and anything in-between !
Buckler's also manufactured close ratio gear sets that were fitted to most early Lotus', TVR's and many Ford Specials of the 1950's
Peter Hilton became managing director in the mid 50s and continued running the company after Buckler was told to rest by his doctor. Derek's last car design was the first true Backbone space frame.
Buckler Cars Ltd was first advertised for sale in '62 and eventually sold to Mike Luff and Frank Fletcher who continued to build cars and Karts until c1965.
Derek Buckler died in 1964.



Mystery Car! any ideas?? note Aprilias were right hand drive

Here's one to tax the braincells...
Hello Buckler Car Register.

Having (a) recently discovered the internet -- better late than never -- and (b) come across your very clear and usable website, I am wondering if you can shed any light at all on the following:

On 9th June 1955, while passing a small used-car business and filling-station, 'Motorlands', in Stretford, Manchester on the bus, I spotted a little car which I didn't recognise. A visit by bike that afternoon showed it to be a pale greenish-grey saloon (2-door 4-seater, I seem to recall) which looked quite like a Singer Bantam of 1937-ish, though it definitely wasn't one of these -- a bit smaller, I thought. No radiator badge, so a look at the tax-disc. It said, quite clearly, 'BUCKLER'. There seemed to be no-one around to ask (and questioning little boys on bikes tended to be told to b****r off in those days) so I was left in ignorance. I never saw it again, nor its like. Nothing listed on your Archive lists seems to match it.

Does this make any sense to you?

If you can cast any light, I shall be most grateful. It's been niggling for fifty-four years, after all!

In anticipation, thanks and best wishes,

John Humphreys.

The prize for the most intriguing email goes to...

Ean from the IOM with this amazing observation...Spotted a Buckler??  on YouTube  have a look at Kenn Imhoff 01 - Basement Lamborghini.   Picture shown of rolling chassis outside an old church at 6.39 mins into film fitted with a body at 6.50 mins - might be worth a look - possibly DD1/DD2?. Can anyone shed more light.. see the vid here it's a DD2 with a Falcon body...where and when?

More Buckler news and photos have been sent in... more here

News of the Bristol MK 15  to follow soon

Brian has had a fantastic year with the Karts...he has drummed up a fantastic following with large numbers of classic karts appearing regularly...Quite a few Buckler Karts are doing well!

Frank Noble used to own NOX149 and asks...where is she now?
if anyone can answer this teaser...please let me know
Charles Crawley's MK 10 with works Taylor body is for sale in Ohio...more details to follow
Carl Talbot has been having fun trialling...see the video here
Keith Thomas found this amazing footage of the first Buckler with Derek Buckler pedalling at the Rest and Be Thankful here

Wayne Eastman tells me Scott Coy's Mk 15 in Ohio is nearly back on the road

Graeme Banks has news of the 'Blue Brick'. Imported by Arthur Harris in 1955 the Buckler Mk V was raced regularly by Jim Boyd in 1956 and occasionally by Phil Kerr. It was powered by a 1172cc supercharged side valve Ford 100E. Now with Elva head is still capable of 100 mph at at Pukekohe

Wilbert taking a well deserved rest thinking about how he is going to repair that door hinge!

Buckler Backbone at the 1961 Racing Car Show
The 1961 Racing Car Show Buckler Backbone
What was it's registration when with Len Smith in Reading?
If anyone knows Mr Smith...Could you ask him to get in touch!

Known as the DBM and driven by Jack Digby and Monty Baker Munton. It is possible that Lance Macklin drove it in one event. It had an 1172 engine with an Aquaplane head.. Leigh Trevail asks... also

6th May 1953 possibly Silverstone. is this a Buckler?

Fantastic new find.
Graeme Cattle  has owned this Kart for 30 odd years and it to be restored! help needed with tyres etc please

Louise O'Connor's parents Brian and Jean Godfrey owned 444ANO  c 1957 and re bodied her twice! This photo shows rare Peel MK 1 This Chris points out, is not as well written as it might have been....we mean the car was re bodied!
it is believed to be a MKV?
Buckler Mk 5 444ano peel fibreglass body
Here's a pic of Jean

Just in... from Fred Cannon
OS9864 Buckler 90 from Wigtownshire. note headrest fin! more to come we hope. Thanks Fred.


©Alex Gilfillans Keith Thomas at Bo'ness 2010
Keith also attended Prescott

KFE 45 Bill Holmes MK5 lowered hoops F Rochdale shell green gelcote NSCC sprint Mallory 15inch wheels c1956 Thanks to James Farringdon for sending this photo of Buckler Mk5 Rochdale

and thanks to James for this photo of NPO307 listed as once owned by the Earl of Northesk!

Dr. Wynne Carter used to own this Buckler AKS in Dundee...where is she now?

Nic Ayre is restoring his late father's MEL925

Arthur Harris NZ taking delivery of OAA 300... she's now back in England

De Joux 90 at Mt Cook

Jack Barlow more

Beautifully restored Supercharged Buckler/Climax DD2 in NZ owned by Dewar Thomas more here

Subs time is here again. click here for more

Marc Autret  and
Malcolm Buckler at Goodwood 2008 in Johan's ERD96
See more photos here

Keith Thomas wrote.

The late Doug Hyde.  He was a former owner of my car and a founder member of the Buckler register at the Bristol first meeting. He is pictured here at our house just after taking early retirement in April sitting in my car about 40 years after owning it.

A recent find... pic of
DD2 PMO528 at
Les Hall's house
Buckler DD2 Mistral Daimler1958
Thanks to David Montgomery.

he 1950 Mk V Buckler
V/2 known in New
Zealand as “the blue brick” with Graeme Banks and family, the new owner. this car is fitted with a very fast Elva O.H.I.V. head and handles beautifully. This car was raced by Jim Boyd in the mid 50s

GTX247 with Dr Don Kiff. This car had and accident on the road and looks a bit battered but still going strong... Where is she now?

PBH1 Buckler 90 goodwood 55
Who's Driving PBH1 at Goodwood in 1955?


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